Go to the agility class page, click on the "Add Me To List" button and then fill out that form.   We are not able to add people to the list by phone, FB or email.    You will receive an auto reply email to let you know that we have received your form.   We will then contact you when we have a class available.

What kind of collar can my dog wear?

Only flat buckle (or similar collars) are allowed.    E-collars, pinch or prong collars are not allowed.

This is a policy across the agility world.     Harnesses are allowed except for the no pull type harnesses or head collars.  The no pull harnesses or head collars are not allowed because they can be dangerous on the equipment.    If you have a question about this policy, please send me a question form.

Are some breeds better at agility than others?

The herding breeds tend to have a natural instinct for agility, however any breed or any size of dog does well at agility.    We love to bring all breeds into agility!

Do I bring my dog to the first class?

Yes!   We spend the first 20/30 minutes doing a class orientation / information time and during that time it gives the dogs an opportunity to get use to the facility and the other dogs in the group.    For the second half of the class we are going to be working with the dogs.

Does my dog need to be obedience trained to start agility classes?

While obedience training can help, it is not required to start agility classes at Action Paws.

Does Action Paws require vaccinations?

Vaccinations are not required at Action Paws.    We believe that vaccinations (what you put into your dogs body) is a decision that is made between you and your veterinarian.   Daycares and boarding facilities are required to have certain vaccinations done but for regular training there is no requirement.  I do recommend them especially if you have a very active dog that goes to dog parks, pet stores or dog events.     

Is agility training only for those that want to compete?

NO!    Most students start agility classes just to have fun with their dog!     Some get bitten by the bug and go on to compete.

What age can I start my dog in agility?

To start regular agility classes, your dog must be at least 10 months old.    

My dog is very nervous or scared of things, is agility suitable for her?

YES!!    Agility can be a great way to help dogs with nervous issues.    It introduces them to a new environment, new dogs, new people different noises and objects.    Agility is a great confidence booster!!    I highly recomment agility for dogs that have issues with being nervous or afraid in their every day life.    I LOVE to work with the dogs and enjoy watching the transformation from nervous or scared to a confident dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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