Our rescued Sheltie, BeauJo, had a rough start in life, and thus had some real issues. Meldona accepted him as a student at Action Paws and helped him work through his fear and reactivity by teaching him the skills to be a great little athlete. Now BeauJo and my daughter are a fabulous agility team and they have so much fun on course. 

Karen Houser




Agility has helped me learn to communicate better with my deaf BostonTerrier, Guster. Before agility he hardly would look at me and it was difficult to communicate. Now he keeps an eye on me and will follow hand signals that I use around the house and at agility. He doesn't miss a thing, even when I think he is not paying attention to me. We enjoy our agility classes with Meldona as they are fun and challenging and also great exercise for dog and handler!

Karyl and Guster.




Meldona and Action Paws are amazing!   My life-long puppy found her calling 4 years ago with agility.    Agility gave Dakota confidence and a way to positively focus all of her Catahoula energy.    We are now a successful team in both the NADAC and AKC organizations.   Dakota and I have built a lifelong bond through the positive training at Action Paws.    I can't wait to bring my future agility dogs to Meldona's classes!    Kristen Gates



Lucas, a rescue with uncertain beginnings, came into my life as an intelligent and overly ENERGETIC eleven month old "puppy."    As time passed, it became very apparent that he needed socialization and a job.    We found the perfect place at Action Paws.    Through Meldona's positive training and patience, Luca has become a more attentive fullfilled dog.   The boy just loves his job!    As we venture into the realm of competition, it is comforting to know that Meldona will continue to support and guide Lucas and me, as a team, through the roller coaster ride of agility trials.  ~ Lisa Fore

About 18 months ago I enrolled my 115 lb. Curly Coated Retriever, Eli, in beginning agility classes at Action Paws.    He was a very sensitive and timid dog and I though agility might help build his confidence.   He was afraid of everything the first night of class, but we stuck with it.    Now Eli can complete an entire agility course and has successfully competed in several agility trials.    But more importantly, he's much more comfortable in new surroundings and with unfamiliar people.    Now before every class he greets the other people and expects them to scratch his back - something he never would have allowed when we first started!     Dena Bream and Eli.



I brought my dog to Action Paws because I thought agility would be a good fit for his skills.    Although he is a very small dog he had a BIG attitude.    The owner/trainer, Meldona, encouraged me to be patient and keep working with my dog.   A year and a half later he is a different dog.    He and I are having so much fun with agility.  We have a bond we didn't have before we started the class.    I love what agility has given me and my dog so much I decided to bring my other dog.     This has become an awesome recreation for me and my dogs.     Sherri Alonso

Agility at Action Paws has changed my dog, Princes's life.   Adopted at the age of nine he was so concerned with any activity away from home he became distraught and uncontrollable.  The first time we were at Action Paws he was so upset he blew his coat leaving a huge mess. After attending agility class for a couple of weeks Action Paws became his home away from home.   Achievements in agility come one obstacle at a time, rewarding all accomplishments large and small.   Building obstacles into agility courses resulted in huge improvements in Prince's confidence and in Prince's trust in our partnership.   These benefits have transformed Princes from distraught and uncomfortable to trusting and happy at home and away from home. ~ Ellie Morrison




Chaco was a dog breed to do Schutzhund (a dog sport for police dogs). My family wasn't interested in teaching protection, tracking, and specific-obedience work, but Chaco decided that he was meant to do more than being a family pet, so he started getting into trouble and basic obedience wasn't enough. So, we had to find a job for a high-drive, German Shepherd Dog. Agility to the rescue! Agility has taught Chaco to channel his energy and drive into something productive (although squirrel chasing is still a fun hobby!). It has also taught him to listen, and this skill has improved his recall when he is running off leash while we are hiking. In fact, his recall is so good now, that when we are running an agility course, I can get him to turn away from an obstacle at the very last possible second! We are not the fastest dog on the course (100lbs is a lot to move around), but we definitely have the most fun. Agility is a great hobby for us, and we are now successfully competing around the state, working towards high titles in agility. ~   Karen Darrow